032c Winter 2020/2021 Poster - Alice Pagani

032c Winter 2020/2021 Poster - Alice Pagani
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On the occasion of 032c’s Winter 2020/2021 "20 Years" anniversary issue – and to immortalize our BILLBOARD digital cover series – we created posters featuring:

ALICE PAGANI decked out in Bulgari and Alexander McQueen, shot by Lukas Wassmann in a Roman palazzo

Then we wheat-pasted the posters all around Berlin, bringing our covers and coverage to the streets of our hometown.

We have a few leftover prints at the 032c WORKSHOP, available now via our webstore – so you can collect larger than life versions of our latest stars for your own home, office, or archive.

Size: 59.4cm x 84.1cm / 23.39in x 33.11in