032c LoveSexDreams Terry Shorts Blue - 032c
032c LoveSexDreams Terry Shorts Blue - 032c

032c LoveSexDreams Terry Shorts Blue
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Side length from waist
XS (44cm), S (46cm), M (48cm), L (50cm), XL (52cm), 2XL (54cm)

Half waistband width
XS (33cm), S (36cm), M (38cm), L (41cm), XL (43cm), 2XL (46cm)

Model is 189cm and wearing a size L


  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in China
  • Also available in Black

“If someone else’s work translates my dream, his work is mine.”
Francis Picabia

"I gotta be raw, fuck any brain-washing man made law.”
NWA, Appetite for Destruction

The 032c Apparel “LoveSexDreams" Collection

This is a reclamation of minimalism. We’re bringing it down from the heights of modernism and spiking it, spliffing it, taking it out of class and redefining it for its natural habitat: brutal reality. Truant minimalism is not slick, scholarly, linear, or monochrome, but direct, exposed, unpredictable, unprocessed. It exists outside of narrative continuity, graphic purity, and anything institutional, and we like it that way because that’s where potential and promise live, too. Truant minimalism can get weird and abrasive, and yes, it’s probably flirting with you. It's better unplanned and best if you get caught. Why drop out when you can ditch? 

The 032c Apparel “LoveSexDreams” collection belongs to 1990s West Coast sprawl and West Berlin's Love Sex Dreams. It's part jock, stoner, sleaze, hacker, tech bro, country club, strip club, dog-punk; it's in a clique, it’s a loner, it’s psychic. It's your everyday sampling of acid washes, waxed fabrics, silk-lined terry cloth, Intarsia knits, embroidery, neoprene, leather, varsity letters, oversized t-shirts, heavyweight workwear blends, denim, thermal waffles, and bouclé. Around truant minimalism, stuff just gets lost, found, and “borrowed” – messed up or exchanged in the spaces between “yours” and “mine,” “out” and “in.” Love, dream, but don't get attached, because nothing is a given and everything is up for grabs. 

The 032c LoveSexDreams terry cloth short is 100% cotton, with one pocket on the rear and 032c logo embroidery in white on the left front leg. Available in blue and black.