032c Cosmic Workshop Leg Harness - 032c

032c Cosmic Workshop Leg Harness
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  • Length of strap: 65cm
  • Calf leather
  • Made in Italy


The COSMIC WORKSHOP Leg Harness in 100% calf leather features dual swivel eye snap hooks, a large metal O-ring join, and embossed 032c logo. Hook anything. Available in black only.

The COSMIC WORKSHOP collection is inspired by the romantic longings of our collective teen years, when identities emerge from a tension between your heart and your reality, your self and your generation, and where you are and where you want to be. It’s clothing for the intrepid and the curious: looking for a place to belong and to be free out on the street and under the stars, in clubs and in basements, in communal experience and in secret solitude.